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Check out our BROCHURE to learn more about us! Plastomer products include most any die cuttable or formable material, including:

  • Flexible Polyurethane Foams
  • Rubber (EPDM, PVN, PVC, and more)
  • Recycled (PET, polyester fiber, rebond foams, felt, fabric, cotton)
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backings
  • Flamability, Resistance (to meet stringent FMVSS, UL, and government standards)
  • Low VOC Foams and Adhesives
  • Green-Environmentally Friendly Materials

Please CLICK HERE to see the current Global Vehicle List that includes at least one Plastomer produced product. In-use applications and specifications are listed in the Applications section and include:

  • Gaskets or seals to protect against air, water, or other elements
  • Acoustical sound insulation
  • Hydrophobic or hydrophilic foams
  • Vibration dampening or rattle elimination (NVH-BSR)
  • Energy or impact absorption
  • Cushioning and seating
  • Low VOC options

Plastomer manufactures many custom foams, including Lok Cel, which is efficient in its air restrictive properties and is commonly used in HVAC applications.