Plastomer Corporation manufactures and fabricates flexible polyurethane foams. We also die cut or shape numerous other materials, including EPDM, PVN, and PVC, which often require the addition of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backings. After our processes manufacture our finished products, 99% of what is left is recycled back into other usable products.

Green-e Certified

Today, Plastomer manufactured foams are all available with varying percentages of environmentally friendly ingredient(s) that form the foundation of our continuing effort to increase the green components of our products.

Because Plastomer Corporation has a strong regard for environmental protection, we will conduct our manufacturing activities in such a manner as to protect the environment, our customers, our employees and the general public. Our manufacturing process goes beyond compliance with current emission standards, and we will develop and implement environmental programs and procedures which conform to economically feasible state-of -the-art-practices. We will be both responsible and responsive in our efforts relating to environmental protection by committing to comply with other relevant environmental regulations.

Our goal is to keep the environment clean so it can be a valuable natural resource for future generations. We will work with our employees, the public, government and industry in developing effective controls to reduce, minimize or eliminate potential environmental impacts. Each department at Plastomer is expected to be guided by this Policy in making operation plans, setting continuous improvement objectives and conducting day-to-day activities.

In support of our Environmental Policy, Plastomer Corporation is committed to:

F ight Pollution
O bey the Law
A lways Improve
M inimize Waste

Any questions or concerns pertaining to environmental issues, please call us at 734-464-0700.