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Plastomer was perhaps the first American manufacturer of a new material developed in Germany called, Flexible Polyurethane Foam.

In 1953, Plastomer’s founders, brothers Walter and George Baughman, invented a special mixing apparatus for another use that gained fame in its marketplace and caught the attention of Bayer-Monsanto, a European chemical company who had been developing the initial urethane foam formulations.

They visited Michigan and initiated a joint development program with the Baughmans to utilize the mixer to produce a more consistent soft material (foam) that had a high growth potential in numerous markets.

After a lengthy period of experiments, and with some adjustments to the patented mixer, success was achieved and in 1954 Plastomer incorporated and began manufacturing Flexible Foams to replace sponges and for a variety of consumer products including kitchen scrubbers, floor wax applicators, and toys to name a few.

In 1957 the automotive market came to call looking for replacements for felt, rubber and cloth gaskets used throughout the passenger cabin. Plastomer met the challenge with custom formulations of various foams for gaskets and acoustical applications that then also became popular in the appliance and electronic manufacturing fields.

But that wasn’t all that was needed. Along with new foam criteria came fabricating requirements for which there were precious few machines to accomplish the task.

Plastomer had to invent or revise machines to split foam sheets, to apply adhesive backings, to apply film facings if needed, and to then cut the foams to their finished intended shapes.

Then as all growing businesses soon learn, came loans, business plans, expansions, a catastrophe or two, and other necessities generally known as risks.

From those early pioneering days Plastomer has retained its roots in being the leader in Flexible Foams, rubber, and fabrication techniques that produce products primarily for automotive use in passenger cabins whether it be for gaskets in the HVAC and Instrument Panel areas, or for acoustical applications and others throughout the vehicle.

The website you are about to visit attempts to display our products and capabilities. What it cannot demonstrate is the excitement and exhilaration of being the first to succeed in a new field.

Founders Walter and George Baughman were awarded the Polyurethane Lifetime Achievement Award from Kurt Frisch and The Polymer Institute in 2000, and they were inducted into the Polyurethane Hall of Fame in 2004.

Plastomer Corporation, the recognized Pioneer in Flexible Foams and Die Cut products for manufacturing industries in North America and the World.

Still here over 60 years later, still demonstrating how to lead.